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Look-out Tower on Fülöp Hill Révfülöp

The Millenium Look-out Tower of the Fülöp Hill

Among the natural sights of Révfülöp the panorama on Lake Balaton from the Look-out Tower of Fülöp Hill can be emphasised above all.

This fascinating panorama was described by Jenő Cholnoky, the excellent geographer, who travelled all around the world in this way.

From the Fülöp Hill of Révfülöp you can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world.


Sunset at the foot of the volcanic hills

Tourists visiting Révfülöp can experience themselves the fascinating panorama from the Look-out Tower on the Fülöp Hill, which was built according to the plans of Gyula Pelényi in 2001 to the memory of the thousand year old anniversery of the foundation of the Hungarian State.

The Look-out Tower from the ruins of the 13th century churchOn the way to the Look-out TowerHalf-way

Rest...Only some metres...Place for rest on the top of the hill

The Look-out TowerThe memorial tabletThe destination is the top...

The towerOn the top of the world...The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany can be seen in clear weather

View to Lake Balaton and the villagePart of the villageVilla Filip square and the pier

Kali-basin in the morningThe early risers can enjoy similar sunriseThe gold bridge from the Look-out Tower

Sunset from the Look-out Tower of Fülöp Hill Sunset from the Look-out Tower of Fülöp Hill


Enjoy the panorama from the Look-out Tower of Révfülöp.


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