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Taking the costums of holiday-makers into consideration the 'Tóparti' Gallery is open in the afternoons and evenings.

Tóparti Gallery in Révfülöp

8253-Révfülöp, Halász street 6.

Open: Mai 2017.

Out of the summer season the Gallery has got another function. The club of local pensioners and other social organizations, associations use the building at such a time.


In the course of the 'Tóparti' Art Weeks programme almost one hundred artists had exhibition during the last one and a half decade. It is impossible to mention all of them, but in the Gallery could be seen the photoes of Károly Szelényi, Rezső Wonke and Ferenc Olasz, the textiles of Ildikó Csete, Dalma Korényi and Eszter Bényi as well.

The visitors could seen the paintings, watercolour, graphics of András Csavlek, Gyula Mikus, Erzsébet Udvardi, Elek Lisziák, Győző Somogyi, Ottó Vágfalvi, István Horkay, Lajos Fülöp and others, the sculptures of János Meszlényi, Márk Lelkes or the ceramics of János Németh.

Unique events were the exhibitions from the paintings of József Egry, Péter Prokop priest-painter who lives in Vatican City, from the work of art of Richard Korzenszky the head of the Tihany Benedictine Abbey, from the works of Magda Németh the head planner of Crystal Factory of Ajka, and from the works of Rozi Anton and László Nádas puppet- and toyplanners. Last year the exhibition of Gábor Koltay director from the photoes and the costumes of the famous film 'Honfoglalás' (The Hungarian Conquest) was a great success.

Excellent artists and musicians took part in the opening ceremonies of the exhibitions such as Aladár Pege, Kamilla Dévai Nagy, Szabolcs Kövi.

Every summer there are six exhibitions in two-weeks periods. The opening ceremonies are made memorable by excellent performances as well.

Tóparti Gallery in RévfülöpTóparti Galéria - Tisza-Kalmár György kiállításaTóparti Gallery in Révfülöp

Tóparti Gallery in RévfülöpTóparti Gallery in RévfülöpTóparti Gallery in Révfülöp


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