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Révfülöp - Tourinform Büro

8253 Révfülöp, Villa Filip tér 8/b

Tel. & Fax: +36-87/463-092
Tel. +36-87/463-194

E-mail: revfulop@tourinform.hu

Dr. Szabóné Barsi Katalin



Open (between 15 June and 31 August)

Weekdays: 08.30 - 16.30

Saturday-Sunday: 09.00 - 12.00

Between 01 September and 14 Jun

Weekdays: 09.00 - 16.00
Saturday -Sunday closed



Information about the programmes, accomodation, restaurants, sights etc.

Our activities:

Our office is a member of the Tourinform network that has 150 offices throughout the country, and as such, carries out its activities as a non-profit organization.

Our primary task is to provide information for visitors and people inquiring over the phone, to supply them with local and nationwide brochures and other publications and to give information about programmes, sights, accommodation, dining and entertainment opportunities and about timetables.

Information is provided in Hungarian, German, English in our office.

We have continuous and good contacts with local tourism service providers and entrepreneurs.

Our office takes part in several tourist exhibitions and fairs each year, thus representing the village, it's region and the entrepreneurs of the settlements concerned.

As a complementary activity, in a competition-neutral manner we also deal with selling books, maps, postcards, CD-s, video cassettes etc.



Information about using the card

Claiming the reductions please show this card! "Révfülöp Card" must not be transferred to other person and must be given back to the owner of the accommodation on the day before departure! (On the day of departure you are not entitled to the benefits provided by the card.)

About the loss or the damage of the card the owner of the accommodation must be informed without delay who will report it to the self-government with the help of card info.

Dear Guest!

Showing "Révfülöp Card" YOU can:

Discount on the "Császtai" or "Szigeti" beach once a day.

Ask for the Révfülöp card at your host which entitle you to free entrance to beaches and preferential services.

Showing 'Révfülöp Card' YOU can visit FREE the undermentioned sights of Révfülöp once a day

Dear Guest!

We hope you travel home with pleasant experiences about our wonderful holiday resort, Révfülöp, where we will wait for you and your family, friends next year as well.



10% discount

Anita Hairdresser
Csárda utca 1/a Tel.: +36-20/555-1059
E-mail: anitafodraszat@gmail.com

Pleasure and Disco boat from Révfülöp for 2 adults with 2 children

Császtai strand Rent a boat
Füredi út Tel.: +36/30/383 7261

Edit Cosmetics, Solarium, Massage (with 18 years of experience), Manicure, wrinkle-filling, Mesotherapie without a needle
Csárda utca 1/a Tel.: +36-87/463 122; +36/30/376 8989
E-mail: pfluger.ati@gmail.com 
Honlap: www.editszepsegstudio.hu

Hangulat Restaurant and accommodation
Füredi út 17. Tel./fax.:87/463 033
E-mail: hangulatven@freemail.hu
Web: www.hangulatvendeglo.hu

Hawai Ice and noodles
Szigeti strand Tel:+36/20/924 0982 Fax: 87/322 645
E-mail: loksipark@gmail.com

Rent a bike, "green" programs
Halász utca 12. Tel: +36/30/407 7796
Web: www.on2wheels.hu

Mákvirág Restaurant
Petőfi u. 4. Tel.: +36-30/217 5478
E-mail: makviragbor@hotmail.com
Web: www.kali.hu/kal-vin

Pizza, Steak, saltbox
Szigeti strand Tel.: +36 20 2211 940

Szegi Sport - Bicycle and sailing boat parts
Csárda utca 1. Tel.: +36-30/946 0531
Alle Fahrrad - Ersatz - und Ausrüstungsteile

Tóth Restaurant
Kacsajtosi út 16.
Tel./fax: 87/464 406; Tel.:87/464 368 +36/946-0344
E-mail: tothvendeglo@tothvendeglo.hu
Web: www.tothvendeglo.hu


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Révfülöp Tourinform office

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